Sunday, October 18, 2015

Friendzones (Day 4 of Harry Potter Week)

You know, sometimes I feel bad for Snape... then I remember that he called Lily a mudblood, and I hate him again.
I do kind of feel bad for him about the whole friend zone thing though. He loved Lily so much, but she just didn't return that love. Even when she snapped at Potter, complained how annoying and arrogant he was, she never thought of Snape and how he's been there for her the whole time (Anyone else just think of 'You Belong With Me' by Taylor Swift?) He loved her so much, and she didn't give him a second glance.
The thing about Severus/Lily though is that they weren't soulmates the way Lily and James were. Lily's patronus was a doe and James' was a stag. They fit together. Snape's patronus was also a doe, because he was so obsessed with Lily. It wasn't love like Jily.
But then the "always" thing came up... I just feel bad that he loved her so much like that. That he had to watch her fall in love with his enemy. It must have been really hard for him, and then she died for the child she had with James...
I may not like Snape, but I'll admit he had it pretty hard.

What do you guys think of this post? Do you agree with what I said? Do you like Severus/Lily or James/Lily? Let me know in the comments!

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