Sunday, November 15, 2015

Straightest Person

(Minor Spoilers For House Of Hades and Blood of Olympus)

I find that Percy and Jason talk like this a lot, and it's actually really funny to read. 
For the record though, Jason looks amazing with glasses. I'm mean really.
*awkward silence* (It's only awkward if you make it awkward)
Right, moving on.

I personally don't like to put people in stereotypes, so I obviously don't think Percy and Jason are 'acting gay' or anything. I just find that their bromance is so funny. If anyone who didn't know a thing about the books read this conversation, they might take it a bit differently than people who are hardcore shippers of Percabeth and Jasper.
SIDE NOTE: Do you guys say Jiper or Jasper? There doesn't seem to be one way that's agreed upon.
What do you guys think about Nico being gay? I personally think it was a good idea. I'm a huge supporter of LGBTQ+ Rights, and I think this was a good idea. It also helps explain why Nico was so obsessed with Percy, and why people thought he had a crush on Annabeth. I never really picked up on that throughout the books, but a lot of people did. I like that Rick made it so that he didn't have a crush on her, he was jealous of her.
I just thought it was a good idea.

What do you think of this post? Do you agree with what I said? Let me know in the comments! (The comments are looking a bit empty...) 
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