Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fatal Flaws

Oh my gods. No. This is not okay. Just no.
Whoever wrote this... I don't have words. I legitimately have no idea what to say.


You know you have a problem when one short paragraph has the power to make you cry. This is just... oh my gods.
I've been trying to write about this for weeks, and I still can't. I just have no way of expressing what I feel about it.
How do people think of these things? And more importantly, why do you try to think about these things? Are you trying to ruin all our lives or something? I guess it is kind of our fault though, cause we continuously read and share these posts... Like I'm doing right now... Well you know what, if I'm going to suffer because of these posts, I'm gonna make other people (aka you) suffer with me.
This post though. This post just gets to me.

What do you think about this? Are the FEELS affecting you too? Let me know in the comments! (It doesn't even have to be a coherent comment. You can comment akldcjfhhgklgl and I'll get the idea)

Hope you have a fantastic day/evening/night,


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